7 Items That Fall Under Large Format Printing Services

Are you a business that is looking for a way to get your brand across the city? Are you trying to draw more consumers toward your business? You can do so with large format printing services. Whether its large signs for advertising or a banner to represent your trade show, EcoGM has exactly what you need. Check out our large format printing services.

What is Large Format Printing?

Large format printing used to be quite costly for businesses to do on a bigger scale a short time ago. Not many companies offered large format printing services, which equated to higher prices for the service across the board. Fortunately, in the past couple years large print services have become much more affordable thanks to huge leaps in digital printing technology. Furthermore, the quality of this type of printing, as well as digital printing in general, has vastly improved. This is fantastic news for designers and businesses looking to advertise their brand, as it is a huge step up from printing your own banners and signs one letter at a time while making a mess with spray glue trying to piece everything together.

Because conventional printing presses limit the size of prints they can produce, modern presses are required to produce high definition large format digital prints, such as the ones we utilize at EcoGM. These professional printers are much more advanced and versatile than the traditional printing presses, as well as being much faster and cheaper to run. This translates to print quality that is better than ever with rich, vibrant colors and stellar image reproduction.

” The most significant advantage of these sorts of prints is that these presses are able to produce large format print jobs such as 5m long vinyl banners in one piece, at top speed, and at very affordable prices..”

Our Custom Printing Servies Include:

Ready to get started creating promotional materials that pack a punch? There’s no time like the present to reinvent your company’s image with updated visuals that engage potential customers. EcoGM offers comprehensive solutions to do just that. With our large format printing and multi-channel marketing services, you can create cross-media campaigns that include PURLs, QR codes or SMS short codes to drive higher response rates. So your printed and online promotions are working together to build your brand.

  • Vinyl or mesh banners
  • Wall graphics and stickers
  • Window graphics and lettering
  • Vehicle wraps
  • Murals
  • Canvas art reproductions
  • Professional business signs and directories

Call For More Information on Our Large Format Printing Services

Sometimes big really is better. If you need to say something in a big way, large format printing in the form of stunning signs, banners, and displays is your answer. Let our dedicated team handle it. The professionals at EcoGM provide premium custom printing services that your business must take advantage of. At EcoGM we offer everything. We can handle any size of project and print for nearly any surface, including walls, windows, and vehicles.  

Call or contact us today for more information, Miami. Our large format printing services won’t disappoint.