Design Your Own Wallpaper Mural!

Trying to make the design of your home or workplace stand out could be a challenge. You don’t want to go too far out on the ledge, but you want to make sure the style is original and something that people have never seen before. This is where a lot of people run into a problem because you want to stay on top of the trends, but don’t want to be repetitive. A great way to avoid this is going with custom wallpaper printing. If you’re in the Miami area, ECOGM could be the answer to your design needs. They are known to be one of the best wallpaper companies offering a variety of services and advice on designing your own wallpaper mural.

Creating a Wallpaper Mural With One of The Best Wallpaper Companies

People are loving the idea of an accent wall with wallpaper, but are shying away from the idea because they don’t want their home to have the same design as hundreds of other houses, but there is a new way to avoid this, custom wallpaper printing. There are now companies all over the country offering this service to clients. You are able to take your own picture and turn it into a mural that can be put on any wall in any space.

Clients who are finding this product especially useful are people who are remodeling old homes. Many older homes come with vintage wallpaper, and there are times you may want to keep that style in the home, but the manufacturer may have gone out of business or no longer carry that design. Custom printing allows you to take a piece of the wallpaper and create a digital image so you can have it reprinted on new wallpaper.


  • Choosing your image

The image you are going to use has to be original because all companies will not reproduce any copyrighted materials, which means you won’t be designing wallpaper with the logo of your favorite teams.

Another critical aspect to keep in mind is that on wallpaper your image will be printed multiple times across the surface of the paper, so you need to think about the resolution of your file when sending it to a company for printing. When images get enlarged to fit the paper, they will become pixilated if the resolution isn’t high enough. However, there are ways to use pictures you like from other websites or sources. As long as the image is available in a stock library the company helping you create your mural will have access to it. If you want to use a picture of a piece of art from a photographer or artist, you will need to gain written permission from the copyrighted owner. This will handle any legal issues that may arise. If there is more than one image, you’re thinking of using rely on the experts at the company you’re using. You can present the images to the design team as well as the ideas you have for your layout, and they will be able to help you create the best mural option for you.

  • Installation

Some wallpaper is hung using a wallpaper adhesive, which some people think makes it stick better. There are others that are self-adhesive, which means you dip them in water and stick them to the wall.

What’s great about a self-adhesive paper is the fact that you can easily take it off if you get tired of the paper or plan to move. This makes it a favorable option for renters who want to add their flair to the place they’re renting. The only downside is that once the self-adhesive paper is removed, it can’t be applied again. Most wallpaper murals are designed and delivered in even panels, so they are easy to put up on any wall. Companies will most likely send two employees to do your install to make sure the mural is set up evenly on the wall.

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