Let Our Tower Banners Impress At Your Next Tradeshow

Are you looking for something in your tradeshow display that will set you on top of all the other vendors and exhibitors? You thought of almost everything, but there is still something that is missing, but what is it? Have you ever considered implementing tower displays? With this, as well as the perfect trade show banners, your booth will draw more visitors than everywhere else. That is the goal, after all. At EcoGM we are here to make that happen. We are the best in Miami.

What is a Tower Display?

A tower display is a  Portable Custom Printed Trade Show Displays. A trade show tower display is extra tall to get your exhibit noticed from a greater distance on the trade show floor. That way no matter where a person is standing, chances are they will notice your company.

We offer 4-sided square towers, 3-sided triangle towers, round towers, funnels, and pillars. All tower displays enable your branding and designs to be seen from all angles. These portable trade show tower displays are a great choice for island exhibit booths. Set them upright in the center and have lots of room all around the perimeter of your booth to meet with customers, show your products and display literature. There is no reason you should go to a trade show with a booth that is anything less than extraordinary.

Tower Displays Are The Way To Go

There are many fun and creative ways you can set up your towers. Each way will make your booth unique and the talk of the trade show. Here are a few ways you can set up your tower display:

  • Light them up
    • Light creates instant allure. Our towers are perfectly backlit to ensure that they look as great from up close as they look from afar.
  • Hang them
    • Our modular systems are lightweight so you can easily hang larger backlit structures for a big presence.
  • Implement technology
    • We offer towers that are designed to seamlessly accommodate ever-growing technology for a better brand presentation and an engaging experience.
  • Utilize fabric
    • Our backlit towers and hanging structures can use display fabric specifically designed for intense and uniform color between floor and space.
  • Customize
    • Don’t settle for an ordinary show contractor rental. Impress attendees with a custom Eco GM rental that perfectly fits your brand and show objectives. Let us create something amazing for you.


Attract attention with big bright graphics that will stand out from everyone else. Whether it is towers, tables, or hanging units that feature large fabric graphics, make sure you take advantage. Add some , and in no time your message and brand will have the most powerful presence.

Call Us Today and Ask About Our Trade Show Banners

When it comes to large print trade show banners and tower displays, we offer the best services. At EcoGM, our trade show booth design will leave your company feeling as though they are represented the way they deserve. Call or visit us today for more information in Miami. Get your trade show booth noticed by everyone around!