Try These Trade Show Booth Activities

What is a easy way to attract more visitors to your booth in a tradeshow? Do you bribe them with sweets? Do you hypnotize them? Do you beg? Well, we actually have something less dramatic and also fun. We Our experts suggest drawing visitors in with engaging activities. Follow our advice and in no time your trade show booth will be the most popular. You can trust EcoGM. Yes we specialize in trade show banners, but after a few years in the industry, we have seen a thing or two. Take our advice.

A Little Competition Won’t Hurt

Businesses are always looking for creative ways to engage customers and prospects who stop by their booth. In many cases, exhibitors will have some kind of activity or game to entertain and enlighten people who visit their booth. Below are some thoughts and ideas for your next in-booth activity.


It is human nature to want to compete…and win! Tap into that spirit by setting up a friendly competitive activity in your booth. If you offer a competition, whether leveraging social media or hosting it in-person, be sure that you align the activity with your product or brand, or the theme of your booth.


You can create traffic by renting trade show attractions for your booth. Consider a photo booth, games, or even a money-blowing machine. In addition to generating buzz, these types of attractions offer the added benefit of allowing your booth staff the chance to talk up your product or service while visitors are waiting for their turns. An added note on photo booths, this could be an opportunity to encourage attendees to share pics of themselves in your booth via social media channels. Combine the photo booth with a reward-based sharing competition. Be sure to also ask us about our trade show banners.

What About Trivia for Your Trade Show Booth?

In-Person: Capture leads and engage visitors with a trivia-based game. One suggestion is to create a game of questions based on your service, product, or company. Attendees join the game with their contact info and a leader-board keeps track of who’s ahead. This draws folks back to your booth to keep track of where they stand in the competition, reinforces knowledge of your brand and captures data.

Via Technology: To leverage social media, create a game where participants follow your brand to see the questions. When they respond, they must tweet your handle or reply to your post. Randomly select winners and notify them via private message. You can do this once, offering a significant prize or keep the game ongoing and offer smaller prizes at regular intervals.

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