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$4.75 sq. ft.

It’s hip to cover your wall. (And easier to get noticed.)
• Measure customizable
 A unique look, great for offices, rooms, stands and more
Work as branding your business or decorate your home
• Eco-friendly

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Large format printing is a very useful advertising medium that has become much more popular in recent years. The name itself is fairly self-explanatory as to what this medium is. The purpose of large format printing is to support maximum print roll width. The benefit of this type of printing is that it provides the producer with much more space to print out their content and catch the eye of the target audience.

Large format printing can be used in banners, posters, wallpapers, murals, and more. This format of printing is ideal for printing on materials which include graphic-heavy designs and a lot of visuals. Because large prints allow for wide images and larger texts, big format prints are very effective advertising tools. Businesses and brands love large format printing and utilize it regularly to create impact and attract customers, as it stands out much more drastically than normal-sized materials. 

EcoGM provides quality printing services for Miami businesses. Call us today and advertise your work with large format prints!