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What Exactly is a Banner Made Of

By Eco GM

Whether it is for a trade show, social event, party, or company promotion, banners are an excellent way to grab attention and spread information. Your goal is always to raise awareness. At EcoGM, we specialize in custom vinyl banners. Do you know what these banners are made of? With our custom banner printing, we are experts who are here to explain the ins and outs. The best part is, we are conveniently located in Miami….

How Is Vinyl Made?

Vinyl banners are made of two products: polyester mesh and vinyl. The polyester mesh provides added strength. The linear mass density of the mesh fibers is measured in units called deniers. A high denier count for the mesh generally means a smoother scrim vinyl. Typically banner mesh is between 150 and 1,000 deniers. Although it could be implied that a 1,000 denier mesh is stronger than a 500, it’s not necessarily so. A number of tests have been done that have proven this not to be the case.

“Banner material is created two ways: laminated and coated/dipped. Coated/dipped is the process of feeding the polyester mesh through a coater that covers/dips the scrim in a hot vinyl mixture that contains a plasticizer. With the other process, two layers of vinyl are laminated together around the scrim mesh. Often a black layer is added in between to make block-out material. Most banners today are made using a laminating process because it results in the lowest-priced product. However, the coated/dipped process is still considered by many to result in the best quality banner material you can purchase. Most coated/dipped banners are made with a polymeric plasticizer.”

How Long Will Custom Vinyl Banners Last?

Most vinyl banners that are made for UV curable ink have a shelf life of six months, and solvent banner one year. This does not mean that if you purchase a one-year-old banner the product will fail before you print on it, but it will fail one year faster in the field. The reason for this is that the plasticizer used in most of the banners is monomeric, and monomeric plasticizers tend to migrate out of the banner over time making it stiffer and more likely to crack in the weather—especially in cold weather. This explains why so many distributors have Huge Banner Sales. In many cases, they are unloading old inventory. It would be helpful if banner manufacturers placed date-of-manufacture on their product, similar to the way beer companies place a “born-on” date on beer containers.

We Offer The Best Sevices

EcoGM has been providing South Florida residents with top-notch large format graphic printing services for many years. Our attention to detail, knowledge, and level of customer service has kept our name as a go-to source for all graphics work. If you desire a custom design to help elevate the look of your tradeshow booth, car or storefront, EcoGM is your solution.

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When it comes to custom vinyl banners and tower displays, we offer the best services. At EcoGM, our trade show booth design will leave your company feeling as though they are represented the way they deserve. Call or visit us today for more information in Miami. Get your custom banner printing with us today!

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  1. That’s good to know that vinyl banners will last about a year before they become brittle. I could see how you could still use them at that point, but they might break while hanging in the air. I’ll have to make sure that if I get a banner that I will use over and over, that I replace it every year or so, so I can avoid that issue.

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