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Try These Trade Show Booth Activities

By Eco GM

What is a easy way to attract more visitors to your booth in a trade show? Do you bribe them with sweets? Do you hypnotize them? Do you beg? Well, we actually have something less dramatic and also fun. We Our experts suggest drawing visitors in with engaging activities. Follow our advice and in no time your trade show booth will be the most popular. You can trust Eco GM. Yes we specialize in trade show banners, but after a few years in the industry, we have seen a thing or two. Take our advice.

A Little Competition Won’t Hurt

Businesses are always looking for creative ways to engage customers and prospects who stop by their booth. In many cases, exhibitors will have some kind of activity or game to entertain and enlighten people who visit their booth. Below are some thoughts and ideas for your next in-booth activity.

It is human nature to want to compete…and win! Tap into that spirit by setting up a friendly competitive activity in your booth. If you offer a competition, whether leveraging social media or hosting it in-person, be sure that you align the activity with your product or brand, or the theme of your booth.

You can create traffic by renting trade show attractions for your booth. Consider a photo booth, games, or even a money-blowing machine. In addition to generating buzz, these types of attractions offer the added benefit of allowing your booth staff the chance to talk up your product or service while visitors are waiting for their turns. An added note on photo booths, this could be an opportunity to encourage attendees to share pics of themselves in your booth via social media channels. Combine the photo booth with a reward-based sharing competition. Be sure to also ask us about our trade show banners.

What About Trivia for Your Trade Show Booth?

In-Person: Capture leads and engage visitors with a trivia-based game. One suggestion is to create a game of questions based on your service, product, or company. Attendees join the game with their contact info and a leader-board keeps track of who’s ahead. This draws folks back to your booth to keep track of where they stand in the competition, reinforces knowledge of your brand and captures data.

Via Technology: To leverage social media, create a game where participants follow your brand to see the questions. When they respond, they must tweet your handle or reply to your post. Randomly select winners and notify them via private message. You can do this once, offering a significant prize or keep the game ongoing and offer smaller prizes at regular intervals.

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While creating the best trade show banners for your company, we also are here to share the best ideas for activities in a trade show booth to attract visitors. When it comes to large print displays, we offer the best services. At Eco GM, our trade show design will leave your company feeling as though they are represented the way they deserve. Contact us today for more information in Miami.

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Design Your Own Wallpaper Mural!

By Eco GM

Trying to make the design of your home or workplace stand out could be a challenge. You don’t want to go too far out on the ledge, but you want to make sure the style is original and something that people have never seen before. This is where a lot of people run into a problem because you want to stay on top of the trends, but don’t want to be repetitive. A great way to avoid this is going with custom wallpaper printing. If you’re in the Miami area, ECO GM could be the answer to your design needs. They are known to be one of the best wallpaper companies offering a variety of services and advice on designing your own wallpaper mural.

Creating a Wallpaper Mural With One of The Best Wallpaper Companies

People are loving the idea of an accent wall with wallpaper, but are shying away from the idea because they don’t want their home to have the same design as hundreds of other houses, but there is a new way to avoid this, custom wallpaper printing. There are now companies all over the country offering this service to clients. You are able to take your own picture and turn it into a mural that can be put on any wall in any space.

Clients who are finding this product especially useful are people who are remodeling old homes. Many older homes come with vintage wallpaper, and there are times you may want to keep that style in the home, but the manufacturer may have gone out of business or no longer carry that design. Custom printing allows you to take a piece of the wallpaper and create a digital image so you can have it reprinted on new wallpaper.


  • Choosing your image

The image you are going to use has to be original because all companies will not reproduce any copyrighted materials, which means you won’t be designing wallpaper with the logo of your favorite teams.

Another critical aspect to keep in mind is that on wallpaper your image will be printed multiple times across the surface of the paper, so you need to think about the resolution of your file when sending it to a company for printing. When images get enlarged to fit the paper, they will become pixilated if the resolution isn’t high enough. However, there are ways to use pictures you like from other websites or sources. As long as the image is available in a stock library the company helping you create your mural will have access to it. If you want to use a picture of a piece of art from a photographer or artist, you will need to gain written permission from the copyrighted owner. This will handle any legal issues that may arise. If there is more than one image, you’re thinking of using rely on the experts at the company you’re using. You can present the images to the design team as well as the ideas you have for your layout, and they will be able to help you create the best mural option for you.

  • Installation

Some wallpaper is hung using a wallpaper adhesive, which some people think makes it stick better. There are others that are self-adhesive, which means you dip them in water and stick them to the wall.

What’s great about a self-adhesive paper is the fact that you can easily take it off if you get tired of the paper or plan to move. This makes it a favorable option for renters who want to add their flair to the place they’re renting. The only downside is that once the self-adhesive paper is removed, it can’t be applied again. Most wallpaper murals are designed and delivered in even panels, so they are easy to put up on any wall. Companies will most likely send two employees to do your install to make sure the mural is set up evenly on the wall.

Contact Us

ECO GM is a printing service, including custom wallpaper printing, located in the Miami area. We specialize in wide format printing that will set your home and business apart. If you are looking for one of the top wallpaper companies, we are who you need. Contact us or visit us to find out how we can make your vision come to life!

Call One of the Best Printing Companies in Miami

When it comes to point of purchase display signs and displays that are effective, we offer the best services. At Eco GM, our graphic design will leave your company feeling as though they are represented the way they deserve. Call us today for more information. You can trust our large format printing services. We are one of the best printing companies in Miami.

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Liven Up Your Grocery Store With a Point of Purchase Display

By Eco GM

With any successful store, in order to make money, you have to sell the product. You need to drive business. It really comes down to how to set up your displays and advertise your product that draws in customers. How does your storefront look? With grocery stores, in particular, you must take advantage of the point of purchase display. At EcoGM, one of the best printing companies in Miami, we can help get you the POP display you are striving for that will make customers stock up on your merchandise.

What Is The Point?

A point-of-purchase or POP display is marketing material or advertising placed next to the merchandise it is promoting. These items are generally located in the checkout area or other location where the purchase decision is made. More commonly abbreviated to POP by retailers and grocers, this can be one of the most underutilized tools in retail grocery stores.

POP has become a staple strategy for manufacturers. Most vendors will have some sort of POP material they can provide for free use in retail stores. This material will highlight the product and draw the customers’ attention to it, which is essential in a retail store crammed with similar merchandise.

POP displays can be as simple as a sign or as elaborate as a display carton. For example, a store may use a “shelf talker,” which is a sticker stuck to the end of the shelf to draw attention as the customer walks down the aisle of a grocery store. This is a small visual item. Or they may create a full display where the vendor’s products are merchandised inside it. Think of a free-standing display with the vendor’s branding on it, with only its merchandise on display inside.

” The most important part of Point of Purchase displays is the signage. One research study conducted by Brigham Young University found that displays with signs outperformed displays without signs by 20 percent. That means that sales of the items with signs were 20 percent higher than the sales of the times without signs.”

Types of Point of Purchase Display

The most elaborate POP is a vendor shop. This is basically a store within a store idea. This means a vendor places a section in the retail store that sets its merchandise apart from the rest.

Something more exciting was the fact that regular priced merchandise outperformed sale or clearance priced merchandise by 18 percent when it was signed, and the sale items were not. This is only because signs as part of a POP display draw attention to the items. When the customer takes notice, they tend to buy.

Signs can take the form of hanging displays and posters, or they can be mounted on store shelves. As long as the signage does not interfere with or annoy the customer, they are a great way to draw attention to a new product, or one that’s on sale, as well as seasonal items.

Think of signage as a silent salesperson. It can keep a customer in a store and interested when the store is busy, and the salespeople cannot get to them.  When you consider that about 70 percent of retail purchases are not decided until the customer actually is in the store, it is clear what impact something as simple as a POP display can have.

Call One of the Best Printing Companies in Miami

When it comes to point of purchase display signs and displays that are effective, we offer the best services. At Eco GM, our graphic design will leave your company feeling as though they are represented the way they deserve. Call us today for more information. You can trust our large format printing services. We are one of the best printing companies in Miami.

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What Exactly is a Banner Made Of

By Eco GM

Whether it is for a trade show, social event, party, or company promotion, banners are an excellent way to grab attention and spread information. Your goal is always to raise awareness. At EcoGM, we specialize in custom vinyl banners. Do you know what these banners are made of? With our custom banner printing, we are experts who are here to explain the ins and outs. The best part is, we are conveniently located in Miami….

How Is Vinyl Made?

Vinyl banners are made of two products: polyester mesh and vinyl. The polyester mesh provides added strength. The linear mass density of the mesh fibers is measured in units called deniers. A high denier count for the mesh generally means a smoother scrim vinyl. Typically banner mesh is between 150 and 1,000 deniers. Although it could be implied that a 1,000 denier mesh is stronger than a 500, it’s not necessarily so. A number of tests have been done that have proven this not to be the case.

“Banner material is created two ways: laminated and coated/dipped. Coated/dipped is the process of feeding the polyester mesh through a coater that covers/dips the scrim in a hot vinyl mixture that contains a plasticizer. With the other process, two layers of vinyl are laminated together around the scrim mesh. Often a black layer is added in between to make block-out material. Most banners today are made using a laminating process because it results in the lowest-priced product. However, the coated/dipped process is still considered by many to result in the best quality banner material you can purchase. Most coated/dipped banners are made with a polymeric plasticizer.”

How Long Will Custom Vinyl Banners Last?

Most vinyl banners that are made for UV curable ink have a shelf life of six months, and solvent banner one year. This does not mean that if you purchase a one-year-old banner the product will fail before you print on it, but it will fail one year faster in the field. The reason for this is that the plasticizer used in most of the banners is monomeric, and monomeric plasticizers tend to migrate out of the banner over time making it stiffer and more likely to crack in the weather—especially in cold weather. This explains why so many distributors have Huge Banner Sales. In many cases, they are unloading old inventory. It would be helpful if banner manufacturers placed date-of-manufacture on their product, similar to the way beer companies place a “born-on” date on beer containers.

We Offer The Best Sevices

EcoGM has been providing South Florida residents with top-notch large format graphic printing services for many years. Our attention to detail, knowledge, and level of customer service has kept our name as a go-to source for all graphics work. If you desire a custom design to help elevate the look of your tradeshow booth, car or storefront, EcoGM is your solution.

Call For Our Custom Vinyl Banners Today!

When it comes to custom vinyl banners and tower displays, we offer the best services. At EcoGM, our trade show booth design will leave your company feeling as though they are represented the way they deserve. Call or visit us today for more information in Miami. Get your custom banner printing with us today!

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Common Questions About Our Large Format Printing Services

By Eco GM

When it comes to large format printing services, we are the ones to trust. At EcoGM, we have all the expertise you need to get the most out of large scale printing. If you have any question or concerns about how this process works, we are here to help. Our location is located in Miami.

FAQ’s You May Be Wondering

What file format should I use when submitting my document for printing?

    • PDF (Portable Document Format) is the most common and preferred file format for submitting digital documents. With the installation of a PDF print driver on your computer, virtually any program can generate a PDF file suitable for printing. Both commercial and free PDF print drivers are available online for download from different sources.

What is the ‘process’ color?

    • Process color is a term used to describe full-color printing. Also known as full color or four colors, the term is derived from a shortened ‘four color process,’ meaning a printing process that involves four colors of ink; Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (also known as CMYK). These four colors, when printed as dots in the right combination, create the illusion of a full-color image.
    • Spot color refers to printing a single color, for example red, green, blue, etc. It is a pure, single ink color rather than a ‘process’ color. Spot colors are usually designated with a Pantone matching number, derived from the industry standard Pantone Matching System (PMS).

Is white considered a printing color?

    • Not typically. Because white is the default color of paper, it is simply recognized as the absence of any ink. This is referred to as a ‘reverse,’ or reverse printing. Ink is laid down around a blank area that shows up as white text. Simply set your text color to white over a colored background to achieve this effect.

Once I submit the documents, how long will it take to finish my job?

    • Simple digital print jobs can often be produced soon after receiving a properly prepared print-ready file. Offset jobs are generally printed in 4-5 business days from the start of design & set-up to proofing to the final print production. We always strive to provide an accurate estimate of the turnaround time for each job we do. And we’ll always work with you to find ways to complete your project when you need it.

What is meant by having a “bleed”?

    • Bleed merely is the area just beyond the edge of your design. A printer requires this in order to give the impression that your imagery extends off the edge of the page/ postcard/ etc. The bleed standard is 1/8th of an inch (0.125″). That means that your document needs to extend that extra amount.

” EcoGM provides wide format printing services in Miami in order to advertise your brand and product. Your imagination holds no boundaries, and shouldn’t be defined by printing capabilities. We offer a variety of wide format digital printing service, from custom banner printing for trade show displays to signs and promotional products. We can even help you design your display and graphics to create a custom marketing tool that promotes your brand to the maximum. We can help you promote your innovative ideas that don’t fit neatly into predefined categories. Whether it’s irregular-sized handouts that will make you stand out from your competitors, specialty-cut windows in your brochures and sales materials, or custom markups and packaging, Eco GM produces the printing services that can set your creative side free and bring your exciting ideas out of the printer.”

Call Us Today

When it comes to large scale printing, we offer the best services. At EcoGM, our large format printing services will leave your company feeling as though they are represented the way they deserve. Contact Us or visit us today for more information in Miami. Get your trade show booth noticed by everyone around!

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Different Types of Real Estate Signage

By Eco GM

When it comes to being successful in the real estate industry, it’s all about setting yourself apart. This is why you may be considering custom real estate signs. Although some people actively seek out open houses on the weekends or properties for sale a lot of real estate business is done by people who are passively looking.

What this means is that there is a whole market of potential clients who are open to the idea of buying or renting a new property, but they aren’t investing the time to be actively setting up appointments or working with a real estate agent. This is why your signage can make all the difference in your business. If you’re in the Miami area and looking for large format printing services, EcoGM is the company you need. Their team of experts can help you plan and develop custom signs that will make your business stand out and capture people’s attention.

The Different Custom Real Estate Signs Available

Once you decide that you want custom signage, it’s time to start looking at different options for large format printing services and design. Once you have a general idea of what you’d like it’s time to sit down with experts to begin making your vision come to life.

Real estate signs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. In order to figure out which is the best option for you, it’s important to figure out what exactly you want from your sign and the style you like best. If you want to go with a traditional look, there are three different types of rider frames you can choose from. The first is a standard rider frame. This metal frame allows for one 24”x18” real estate sign.

The next option is a single rider frame that allows you to put up one 24”x18” sign and a bottom sign rider that measures 24”x6”. The last traditional signage option is the double rider frame that holds one 24”x18” sign and two 24”x6” signs, one on the top and a second on the bottom. If you go with this custom sign option, you also need to pick and design riders that will be featured in the frames. The first is a corrugated plastic rider. This is the most affordable option and is ideal for temporary use. The next choice is a rigid plastic rider these are more durable than the first option and are great if you sign needs to be up for an extended period of time. The last and most durable option is an aluminum rider. These signs will not rust and could last for years outside in any weather. This type of sign is ideal for contact information or branding.

“If you want to move away from a traditional look and feel there are other products to consider for your custom signs. A popular non-standard sign is what has become known as flag signs. Within this category, there are two different types that you can choose from. The first is a feather flag. This option is made out of four ounces of polyester and is both portable and durable. The second flag sign available is a teardrop flag. These are smaller than a feather flag, but they still are fantastic outdoor signage.”

Contact Us Today!

ECOGM provides large format printing services in the Miami area. We specialize in wide format printing that will set your home and business apart. If you are looking for custom real estate signs, we are who you need. Call or visit us to find out how we can make your vision come to life!

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5 Wallpaper Design Trends To Inspire You

Por Carolina R. Chad Real Estate Associate

You may think designing your home with wallpaper instead of paint is a thing of the past. However, would you believe us if we told you that this trendy fad is making a huge comeback? It is true and the experts at EcoGM want to make sure you know the top wallpaper trends 2019 that can inspire your creativity. Our goal is to ignite a light in your eye that will get you the motivation to start incorporating wallpaper too. We specialize in custom wallpaper printing, Miami.

A Blast From The Past

Wallpaper has made a huge comeback in the last few years and has essentially made painted accent walls irrelevant in the design industry. And thank goodness for it! Now it is all about incorporating texture in clean and sleek ways, and wallpaper does just that. We are going to show you some of our favorites to choose from and the different ways you can use wallpaper or even 3D panels. In no time your home will be the talk of the neighborhood!

Wallpaper trends 2019

Floral wallpaper

    • Florals have made a massive comeback in a much more sophisticated way. In the image above we see a featured accent wall with a wallpaper mural that is both calming and serene. Not only does it add an element of visual interest but it also adds a focal point in the space. We are also seeing florals in bathrooms, baby girls nurseries,  laundry rooms and more.

Geometric wallpaper

    • Back by popular demand is geometric wallpaper featuring modern, clean lines that offer dimension and style in any home. We love great geometric wallpaper because it adds so much visual interest into space without overpowering the area as a whole. Great ways to use this wallpaper is in bedrooms, entryways, and even bookshelves. Another neat idea is to use this on your ceiling. We would recommend choosing a wallpaper that is more simple in form with immaculate lines, like the one you see above if you choose to do this.

Bold Metallic Wallpaper

    • Bold metallics are a fun way to add a pop of glam to any space, and the possibilities are endless! Doing this adds a luxury element in your home at minimal cost and looks best when featured as an accent wall. When it comes to metallics, less is more. Silvers look best for modern and contemporary styles, and golds look great with any vintage, art deco or even Hollywood regency style.

Textured Wallpaper

    • Textured wallpapers offer an affordable way to get a certain look without all the construction costs. One of the most popular textured wallpapers we often see is in restaurants and modern farmhouse styles… BRICK. In addition, we see textures such as grasscloth to create a contemporary look and feel in the home. Here are some of our favorites finds listed below!

3D Wall Panels

    • If you are finding wallpaper and paint to be too boring for you, another popular, on-trend way of adding texture to a space is through the use of wall panels. One of my absolute favorite wall panels right now is the Gypsum 3D Wall Panels! We saw these featured in the Street of Dreams even this year! This paneling offers stunning dimension in a very contemporary way and we are loving it! These wall panels can be used as a backsplash, on ceilings and even accent walls.

Try Our Custom Wallpaper Printing Today!

ECOGM offers is a printing service, including custom wallpaper printing, located in the Miami area. This is the perfect chance for you to take advantage of wallpaper trends 2019. We specialize in wide format printing that will set your home and business apart. If you are looking for one of the top wallpaper companies, we are who you need. Call or visit us to find out how we can make your vision come to life!

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Let Our Tower Banners Impress At Your Next Trade Show

By Eco GM

Are you looking for something in your tradeshow display that will set you on top of all the other vendors and exhibitors? You thought of almost everything, but there is still something that is missing, but what is it? Have you ever considered implementing tower displays? With this, as well as the perfect trade show banners, your booth will draw more visitors than everywhere else. That is the goal, after all. At EcoGM we are here to make that happen. We are the best in Miami.

What is a Tower Display?

A tower display is a  Portable Custom Printed Trade Show Displays. A trade show tower display is extra tall to get your exhibit noticed from a greater distance on the trade show floor. That way no matter where a person is standing, chances are they will notice your company.

We offer 4-sided square towers, 3-sided triangle towers, round towers, funnels, and pillars. All tower displays enable your branding and designs to be seen from all angles. These portable trade show tower displays are a great choice for island exhibit booths. Set them upright in the center and have lots of room all around the perimeter of your booth to meet with customers, show your products and display literature. There is no reason you should go to a trade show with a booth that is anything less than extraordinary.

Tower Displays Are The Way To Go

There are many fun and creative ways you can set up your towers. Each way will make your booth unique and the talk of the trade show. Here are a few ways you can set up your tower display:

Light them up

    • Light creates instant allure. Our towers are perfectly backlit to ensure that they look as great from up close as they look from afar.

Hang them

    • Our modular systems are lightweight so you can easily hang larger backlit structures for a big presence.

Implement technology

    • We offer towers that are designed to seamlessly accommodate ever-growing technology for a better brand presentation and an engaging experience.

Utilize fabric

    • Our backlit towers and hanging structures can use display fabric specifically designed for intense and uniform color between floor and space.


    • Don’t settle for an ordinary show contractor rental. Impress attendees with a custom Eco GM rental that perfectly fits your brand and show objectives. Let us create something amazing for you.

Attract attention with big bright graphics that will stand out from everyone else. Whether it is towers, tables, or hanging units that feature large fabric graphics, make sure you take advantage. Add some , and in no time your message and brand will have the most powerful presence.

Call Us Today and Ask About Our Trade Show Banners

When it comes to large print trade show banners and tower displays, we offer the best services. At EcoGM, our trade show booth design will leave your company feeling as though they are represented the way they deserve. Call or visit us today for more information in Miami. Get your trade show booth noticed by everyone around!